Ladies and gentlemen, on the territory of Poland and other countries are acting companies that propose entries in the Register of trade marks, inventions, industrial designs and utility models, requesting the payment of a specified amount to be indicated in the summons or invoice account. Please note that only the Polish Patent Office registration will provide you with the legal protection of industrial property.
If you receive a request for payment or an invoice that resembles a period expiring in a security or publication-related information about an industrial property before you pay:

  • Please check carefully and make sure the call for payment is from the patent office of the RP. Remember that the RP Patent Office does not issue invoices and does not use the services of third parties for the levying of official fees,
  • Make sure that you deposit money into the account number of the RP Patent office: NBP o/o Warszawa: 93 1010 1010 0025 8322 3100 0000,
  • If you have any further questions, please contact the Polish Patent Office (tel. 22 579 05 55) or with your representative.

In this connection, the Patent office warns and informs that: 1) the business of a commercial company is not related to the activities of the Patent Office, is not by an inspired or authorized authority, 2) fees paid to commercial companies do not have Any influence on the protection of objects of industrial property. See below for examples of this. Invoices: 1) Administration of trade marks and utility models Sp. z o.o. 2) ITPS 3) TM Publisher 4) Nationwide Registry of companies 5) Intellectual Property Agency Ltd. 6) Register of national trade marks and utility models 7) Register of national Patents and inventions 8) EPTR-European Patent and Trademark Register 9) International Trademark Publication Register 10) International Trademark Register 11) Trademark & Patent Publications 12) OPT 13) ITR International Trademark Register 14) TPR trademark Publication Register 15) IPTI – International Patent & Trademark Index 16) IPWTO 17) WOTRA-World Organization for trademarks 18) IP Direct 19) Register of Polish trade marks and patents 20) INDAB 21) Register of Polish trade Marks and patents (version 2) 22) European trademark Publication Service 23) Register of Polish trade marks and Patents (version 3) 24) WOTRA-World Organization for trademarks (version 2) 25) Register of Polish Trade marks (version 4) 26) Records of industrial property 27) IPTA – International Trademark and Patent Agency 28) GLOPAT – Global patents and trademarks in Connection with signals received by the Office about the offers of companies informing about the period of protection of the mark, we kindly remind you that:

  • Trade marks which are domiciled or resident in the territory of the Republic of Poland, the European Union or a Member State of the European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA), the parties to the Agreement on the European area Economic operator or the Swiss Confederation, may extend the protection law for the next period alone, without the need to use the services of a representative;
  • Charges from the application for renewal of protection and for a further period of protection must, within the prescribed period, affect the account of the patent office. The payment of a fee to an intermediary or representative's account does not have legal effects in the form of an extension of the protection law;
  • The lodging of an application or the payment of a fee by a third party other than that of the holder or acting on a representative shall require the conduct of an investigation, in particular the submission of a document of power of attorney, together with the due Stamp payment.


The World Intellectual Property Organization warns against unreasonable charges

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva informed the Polish Patent Office of the users of the PCT system for the calls to pay for exploration fees in the databases in relation to their already Published PCT submissions. Please note that these calls are not related to the activities of the patent Office, are not either inspired or authorized by the Office.

Commercial offers for publishing trademark information

In recent times, the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland began to flow signals concerning the bids made by commercial companies to publish trademark information. These companies offer a service to publish information about protected trademarks in their Internet databases. These activities are not related to the activities of the patent Office, are neither inspired nor authorized by the Office. In many cases, these documents and the websites on which information on the publication of trade marks are posted use graphic elements that are confusingly similar to those used by the Polish Patent Office in official correspondence, including The mark of a trade mark similar to that registered in the Patent office. It should be stressed that the aforementioned actions are not related to the activities of the patent Office, are not either inspired or authorized by the Office. The Patent Office does not cooperate with the entities making such offers, in particular companies using the names: TM Publisher, ORF nationwide company register and the administration of trade marks and utility models Sp. z o.o. After obtaining the information on the existence of the above practices, the Office has taken steps to raise the awareness of the participants in the marketing, and in particular posted a warning on their website to those companies offering paid A service for publishing trademark information. In addition, the patent Office called on those entities to cease to use, in the course of trade, graphic confusingly similar to the patent Office's logo and to inform the public Prosecutor of such practices. From the fact that the above offers are still sent to the patent Office, we that the steps taken did not have the expected result and did not eliminated the actions described above. In view of the foregoing, we kindly explain again that the fees claimed by the companies concerned are in no way related to the activities of the Patent Office and do not involve the provision or extension of legal trademark protection. Publication of trademark information in a database created by WW. The company does not have any influence on the existence of protective rights on trademarks. The only charges which condition to maintain the protection of a trade mark shall be that indicated in article 3. 147 paragraph. 2 of the law of 30 June 2000 year of Industrial property rights (OJ L 347, 30.4.2004, p. 1). From 2013 year, item. 1410, as amended. D.) And charges for subsequent years protection periods, as defined in the Council of Ministers decree of 29 August 2001. On fees related to the protection of inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trade marks, geographical indications and the topographies of integrated circuits (OJ L 158, 30.4.2004, p.). No 90, item. 1000, from 2004 R. No 35, item. 309 and 2008 R. No 41, item. 241). This fee covers the entire ten period of protection. An extension of trade mark protection requires the filing of an application and a fee for the next ten period of protection in the Patent office. We also explain that the legal information provided by the Patent Office for Trade mark Protection rights is entered in the Trade mark Registry of the office. This register is currently kept in paper form in the form of a register book. The registry is public. Anyone interested can view this registry. The register shall be made available for inspection at the office of the Patent Office in the position of registers, in the days and hours of office's work. In addition, an industrial property database, including a trademark database, is available on the Patent Office's website. These bases are for informational purposes only. Access to them is free of charge.