On 2 July 2009 Entered into force on the territory of the Republic of Poland, the Singapore Treaty on Trade marks law and the Regulations of the Singapore Treaty on trademark law. Both legal acts were adopted at the Diplomatic Conference in Singapore, held from 13 to 27 March 2006. The purpose of the treaty is to further harmonise trade mark registration procedures, taken in advance at international level within the framework of the trademark Law treaty drawn up in 1994 in Geneva. The Singapore Treaty applies to all types of trade marks registered in accordance with national law (trade marks, service marks, collective marks, guarantees and checks). The acceding states are free to choose the means of communication (including communication in electronic form) which the offices responsible for receiving applications and the registration of trade marks are leading the parties to the proceedings. The treaty also introduced new rules on the amendment of trade mark registers and on registration of licences for trade marks as well as rules on formal requirements for professional representatives.