Intellectual_property_1 By the Integrated Circuit topography, hereinafter referred to as “topography”, is understood to mean a solution consisting of a spatial, expressed in any way, the planning of elements of which at least one is an active element, and all or part of the merger Circuit. The integrated circuit is understood to mean a single or multi-layer surround product, formed from elements of semiconductor material forming a continuous layer, their interconnecting and isolation areas, inseparable from each other In order to fulfil the electronic functions. Act of 30 June 2000r. Industrial property rights (i.e. Oj of 2003 R. No 119, item. 1117 as amended. D.) The right of registration is granted on the topography. The right of registration of topographies may be granted for the original topography. No right shall be granted from the registration of the topography if it has been used for commercial purposes for a period of more than two years prior to filing with the patent office. The right of the registration of the topography may not be granted if it has been 15 years since its completion and consolidation in any form and has not been used for commercial purposes. The topography is considered original if it is the result of the intellectual work of the creator and is not widely known at the time of its creation. Registration rights shall be granted to a topography consisting of elements commonly known only to the extent that the combination of these elements is original. The protection of topographies shall cease after ten years from the end of the calendar year in which the topography or integrated circuit containing such topography has been placed on the market, or the end of the calendar year in which the topography was filed at the office Whichever of those deadlines is earlier. The topography reporting can only apply to one solution. Data and documents needed for filing the topography of the integrated circuit:

1. The surname and forename or name, address or registered office of the declarant and the tax identification numbers of the tin as well as the social Security number or REGON identification number if the declarant has

2. The name and address of the author,

3. The document which is the basis of the declarant to make the application, if the declarant is not the creator,

4. Material identifying the topography, containing the necessary data to uniquely identify the topography, having the form of a drawing or photograph