Intellectual-Property-right The law firm advises on the proper protection of the entire rights of creators. On behalf of our clients, we draw up warning letters to Naruszycieli copyright and participate in negotiations to conclude an agreement between the parties. We prepare contracts for copyright law, including license agreements and transfer of copyrights.. What can be a copyright song? The subject of copyright is any manifestation of creative activity of an individual character, established in any form whatsoever, irrespective of the value, purpose and method of expression (the work). What are the examples of copyright-protected works? In particular, the copyrighted works are: 1) expressed in words, mathematical symbols, graphic signs (literary, affairs, scientific, cartographic and computer programs); 2) plastic; 3) Photographic; 4) Lutnicze; (5) Industrial design; 6) architectural, architectural-urban and urban; 7) Musical and verbal-musical; 8) stage, stage-musical, choreographic and pantomime; 9) audiovisual (including film). How is copyright created? The emergence of Prawnoautorskiej protection does not depend on the fulfilment of any formalities, e.g. Track registration. Protection is created when the track is determined. What rights do the creators of the song have? The creators have two types of rights: moral rights and copyrights. How long do copyrights last? The author’s property rights continue throughout his life as the creator of the work and out, 70 years after his death. However, protecting your personal copyrights never expires.