We provide services to customers from all over the world. Among them are both international corporations – often the owners of famous and respected worldwide brands, but also work for very small companies, both Polish and foreign.

We serve clients in a wide variety of industries, including chemistry, engineering, mining, transport, electronics, cosmetics, pharmacy, telecommunications, IT, microbiology, Biotechnology and mechanics.

All customers can always count on our help at any stage of the procedure. Our services include preparation of applications (applications) for exclusive rights, formal and substantive correspondence with the relevant authorities and courts, as well as, if necessary, personal representation of clients outside the company’s headquarters .

We assist in all matters directly or indirectly related to patents, trademarks, commercial and industrial designs, but also to issues such as obtaining licenses, recording changes in the ownership of rights in relevant Official Records, the lodging of periodic fees for the maintenance of rights in force, the drafting of contracts and the enforcement of industrial property rights. In addition, we represent clients in disputes, customs and litigation, in cases of proprietary violations.

We are entitled to represent clients before the Polish Patent Office, the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich, the Office of the European Union. (EUIPO) in Alicante, the International Office of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva, as well as the Polish administrative and general courts and Polish Customs offices.

The security of our customers ‘ data is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we use the latest IT solutions for document management and customer correspondence. We adapt to customer requirements in terms of communication. Where required, we encrypt email correspondence, we also use qualified signatures.

Our software allows very quick access to details related to the case, e.g.: laws/regulations, registration of working time and costs, invoices, correspondence, etc. We are able to securely communicate information and assign tasks to our employees. Our software uses automatic document templates and enables direct data exchange with other systems. In cooperation with various organizations and offices, we use fully accessible electronic communication channels. The most important are: the European Patent Office – EPO online Services, EOLF; WIPO/IB – EOLF, PCT-SAFE and E-PCT; RP Patent Office – EOLF, portal EPUAP.

Our company adheres to the rules for storing files in accordance with applicable laws. We also have extensive backup procedures (daily, monthly) and store them in secure locations.