The University of Strasbourg, Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIP) and the Patent Information Centre PARLIB BG AGH invites you to a seminar entitled "Introduction to EQE Training".
The seminar is under the patronage of the President of the Patent Office of RP Dr Alice Adamczak. The seminar will present basic principles and how to obtain certification from the European Patent attorney. The seminar shall be addressed to all persons interested in preparing for the EQE certification and improving their knowledge of European patent law, in particular for:

  • People who plan to take the EQE exam,
  • People who are already in the process of taking the EQE exam,
  • Polish and European patent attorneys,
  • Trainee Rzecznikowskich,
  • Representatives of industry working in intellectual property departments,
  • Academic and technology transfer centres.

The aim of the seminar is to consolidate the environment of people involved in the certification of EQE living in Poland. The seminar will be an opportunity to discuss the creation of solutions in Poland to deepen the knowledge of European patent law and to obtain support for candidates from European patent attorneys. The seminar will be conducted in full in English. Date: October 5, 2017 Place: The main library of AGH in Cracow-PATLIB patent Information Centre, Hall 5 Ground floor Registration Contact the organizer: Lukasz Bogdan, local coordinator for email CEIP: Tel: + 48 604 406 432