Industrial designs in Poland and the European Union-consultation and information meeting at the patent Office

The Polish Patent Office organised a consultation and information meeting with Mrs Elizabeth drummer, head of the Industrial designs Department of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.
The meeting addressed, inter alia, the following issues:

  • The definition of industrial design;
  • The categories of products and their scope of protection;
  • National and Community provisions;
  • Design convergence programmes: Illustration of an industrial design, DesignClass (CP6, CP7).

At the same time we are pleased to inform you that we have already prepared an initial schedule of subsequent meetings. In March and April, the lectures will be devoted to the issues of industrial trade marks and designs, in May and June – inventions, and in October, November and December our lecturers would take the subject of copyright law. Definition of industrial design – different product categories, scope of design protection, national regulations, community-Elżbieta drummer

The event was co-financed by the European Union Office for Intellectual property.