What is not a utility model?

What solutions are not utility models?

The right of protection for a utility model cannot be granted for spatially unspecified solutions, in particular, such as:-Methods (defined consecutive activities e.g. Method of manufacture of the product),-electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic or algorithms (characterized by the structure of combinations of elements or blocks),-formless products, such as Liquid, ointment, pharmaceutical, drug, etc.,-uses (new use of the substance, or use of such a substance to obtain a creation having a new use). It shall not be regarded as utility models by law in particular:

  • Discoveries, scientific theories and mathematical methods;
  • Products of a purely aesthetic nature;
  • Plans, rules and methods for mental or economic activity and gaming;
  • Products the inability to use may be demonstrated in the light of commonly accepted and recognized principles of science;
  • Programs for digital machines;
  • Submit information.