Scheme of obtaining a patent

and stage of adoption of the application by the Polish Patent Office. Stage II – A formal and legal examination consists in verifying that the notification dossier contains all the parts necessary to recognise the application and whether the reporting fee has been paid. The third stage of the classification of the application, namely the application of the relevant symbol of the international Patent Classification i.e. The location of the notification subject in a particular technical field. This is important for publication of the notification in the Patent Office, as well as for the conduct of patent searches by a specific expert and for statistics purposes. Stage IV-Preliminary study (search in state of the art). For each notification of the invention to be declared, the Patent Office of the Republic shall draw up a report on the state of the technology, including a list of publications to be taken into account when assessing the novelty and the level of the inventive solution. View a sample report on the state of the art Stage V-Publication (Notice of notification) after the expiry of 18 months from the date of notification, the notice of notification is followed. It is possible to submit an application for prior publication which affects the acceleration of the substantive examination. The notification of an invention shall be published in the "Patent Office's bulletin". See the example of the Patent Office bulletin Stage VI – The substantive examination during the examination of the patent Office RP examines whether the invention is patentable. The results of the study may be sent to the notifier in order to clarify possible doubts. The results of the test can affect the limitation of the requested protection range. The substantive examination of the subject matter of the notification includes:

  • Verification (re-) of formal and legal requirements
  • Report Content Analysis
  • Assessment of the uniformity of the notification
  • Check document Precedence if it is
  • Assessment of the conditions of patentability, i.e.: technical nature, novelty, inventive level and industrial applicability.

VII. Stage-granting of the patent after the positive completion of the substantive examination, the patent Office shall issue a conditional decision to grant the patent subject to payment of the first protection period. The patents granted are subject to registration in the patent register. Patents are published in the "Patent Office". See the example of a patent Office message Proof of the patent is the patent document.